Garmaszan Sanat Iranian

Garmsazan Sanat Iranian Co. was founded in 2013 in order to manufacture panel radiators, towel dryer radiators, and combi boilers. The factory is located next to the Akhola road police station on Tabriz-Azarshahr road (East Azarbaijan, Iran), with currently being operated by two manufacturing lines for panel radiators and towel-dryer radiators.

The company is primarily aimed at manufacturing products of the highest quality following the latest standards. For this, it has installed and operated the factory on a land area of 7000 m2 and is working with a technical engineering group of experts in fluid mechanics.


  • Giving superior values to customers and all beneficiaries
  • Offering quality and guaranteed services to consumers
  • After-sales service and spare parts delivery


Giving value to customers and ensuring their convenience by employing the latest technologies and manufacturing world-class products, as well as enhancing the quality of products delivered

Fundamental values

  • Following regulations, ethical standards, and values ​​governing society and delegation to social and environmental obligations
  • Dedication to quality management for the delivery of better products and services
  • Saving on energy consumption knowing the importance of energy in Iran
  • Endless contact with loyal customers
  • Strategic collaboration with reputable and competent manufacturers and suppliers
  • Permanent association with proficient, honest, reliable, and hardworking workers and human resources entrusted to the company's purposes
  • Continuous training and promotion of personnel for upgrading their knowledge for establishing a knowledge-based organization
  • Decision making by scientific examinations and analyses of market data and information to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Providing and retaining the value of capital and long-term interests of investors


Our beneficiaries include the community and the environment. Plus, our policies are devoted to responding to the demands of stakeholders and ensuring their interest.